Other members cannot view your photos.

Your profile will not appear on google like other dating sites and marriage sites. Your profile is completely private and can be viewed by members who are scientifically approved for marriage.

Even the weights that take place in our matching algorithm change according to your answers. Thanks to this feature, which is not available in other marriage websites, for example, if the education of the person you are looking for is very important, our algorithm adapts to this and subjects the candidates it shows to you to a more stringent screening.

While you are a member of the system, it is possible to indicate how far you prefer the person you want to meet to live at most. In this way, you can prefer to meet our members who live at a certain distance from you. One of the most important conditions for marriage or serious friendship is meeting and meeting face to face, so we are aware that the distance between individuals is important and our system is designed to help you in this regard. Therefore, Pink Panjur actually serves as an Istanbul Marriage Site, Izmir Marriage Site or Ankara Marriage Site when necessary for each member.

If you want, you can also hide certain parts of your profile. Thanks to this feature, which is not available on many dating sites, you can hide your income and similar features that you prefer to remain hidden. The features you expect, your weight and some similar information will be automatically hidden from the person you are looking for. Although our system uses all your information to match, some of your information is not shown to other members in line with your requests.

The important thing here is to look for a serious relationship. Any individual looking for a serious relationship can become a member of the site. Young people who have just started university, people in retirement age who are looking for a companion, or individuals who have just started their career and are thinking of marriage can become a member of the site. Among the members, there are members from different age groups as well as from different religions. However, it is also possible to use our system to show you only those members if you are considering marriage or serious friendship with people of a certain religion or religious authority.

Coexistence of two people is not only determined by education, background, etc. criteria. The point in your life at that moment determines the relationship you are ready for. The applied algorithm also takes into account where you are in your life and takes these criteria into account while finding suitable candidates.

You do not have to immediately send your contact information to the members you meet on the site. If you want, you can message for a while and get to know each other. Marriage or serious friendship is an important decision, you should give yourself time and try to get to know the other person as much as possible to make sure that the other person meets the criteria you are looking for in this respect.

You can report any problem you are experiencing by e-mail. During our working hours, your e-mail is answered in just a few hours. The criticism and suggestions submitted by the members are taken into consideration immediately and the necessary changes are applied quickly.

No company advertisements are sent to your e-mail address without your permission, and our service is a marriage site that respects your requests. If you indicate that you “accept” advertising mail during membership, we may send you advertisement from our advertising partners, other than this, no advertising e-mail will be sent to you. Your requests are our priority.

By answering our questions, you can read your scientific character analysis free of charge and learn the character traits of people with whom you can have a harmonious relationship for free.

Thanks to our matching system based on socio-economic and character analysis, your possibility of forming a harmonious relationship with the people you will meet will increase.

We have brought together thousands of couples since the day we went live. Thanks to the successful matching system of Pembe Panjur, many of our members step into a new union every day.

Our members can contact our support team by phone or e-mail for their questions and suggestions. Our team will answer all questions of our members as soon as possible.

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