Unfortunately, good old MJ didn’t want to sell them to me because the Hispanic market is very big and I had zero experience in the publishing sector, so I didn’t want to risk it.

Before reading it I had a very diffuse idea about how to generate amounts of money, but thanks to the book I discovered that they are only mathematics and that it can be achieved in a short time (my friend Roberto Gamboa is proof of this).

Thanks to my understanding of this, when Google penalized my affiliate niche page I made the decision to leave that sector and dedicate myself 100% to my blog, because MJ de Marco had helped me to see that an info-product business had much more potential long-term.

Also, thanks to “The Millionaire Fastlane” I have not fallen into the error that many investors fall into and that I explain in this post.

You eat out almost every day, you have to adapt to the diet of the country you are in and many times it is not easy to find a gym to train in.

And in addition to the above, I at least cannot conceive of going to a new country and not trying all the native dishes and desserts.

So when I read Sebastian Marshall in a post about an eating method called “intermittent fasting” that was working very well for him to create an effortless caloric deficit, I had to do more research.

But since good old Martin hadn’t released his book yet, I bought “Eat, Stop, Eat,” which was the title he recommended.

I realized that intermittent fasting was just what I needed to control my caloric intake during my travels and to stop thinking 24 hours about food.

It helped me to break down false myths about nutrition that I had believed for years, such as that the healthiest thing is to eat 6 meals a day.

And it led me to limit my food intake to just two large meals a day: lunch and dinner.

(This is the 16/8 method proposed by Martin Berkhan of Lean Gains. Brad Pilon, the author of “Eat, Stop, Eat,” talks about doing one or two 24-hour fasts, but Martin’s method seems more bearable. )

Now I don’t spend as much time thinking about eating or food-related tasks, I don’t worry about how much I eat, and my mornings are super productive because I no longer have energy crashes after eating breakfast.

To give you an idea, intermittent fasting changed my life so much that I decided to publish my own guide on the subject because at that time there was very little information in Spanish.

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